Cash apppay-in-advance model is one of the fivecustomer-funded models successful companies have used to scale without needing to rely on investorsand it is discreet. Venmo and cash app work the same way, easy, fast, convenient, and Discreet.Bitcoin, the currency of the Internet. Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. Bitcoins are issued and managed without any central authority whatsoever.Weunderstand the advantages of sound money and digital scarcity is personal the element of BTC that attracts me most.Bitcoin is now everywhere and it is very easy to buy it from an ATM, your cash app account balance, through Venmo and Paypal. We recommendall our customers to use Bitcoin as their payment method. Bitcoin is encrypted, discreet and it is the fastest means of payment.


We understand where our customers are coming from. Most of our customers are coming online to search and buy online. The use of credit cards is very essentialand this has plaid a vital rule, in order to meet our customer expectations and necessities online, without meeting them in person. Rcshopers is a law-abiding company, we like our customers to know what they are buying and which payment methods suit them. If you are buying a controlled substance and you want to use a credit card as a payment method, you shouldbe aware that, the company might ask for your Electronics Prescription For Controlled Substances (EPCS) and if you don't have one, the company will assist you to get one.


Wire transfers payments such as money gram, western union, ria money transfer, and world remitare the most difficultmethods of payment because of its flaws. Most customers consider these payment options as a scam. Secondly, you need cash to go to an agent location where you will need to fill a form and pay with cash which includes sending charges. Most of these payment methods can be done online with a credit card but the successrate is 20% which makes it difficult to pay online and be approved.NT: Customers should be aware of the fact that it is not the payment system that scammed them but the individuals or fake companies they send their money to. These payment methods are good when you are dealing with a legit company.Rcshopers has considered all these and we are here to help our customers to use these payment options without any fear. Rcshopers is a registered company with the US Chamber of Commerce, we offer 2 additionals grams and other incentivesto thecustomerswho will use these payment options.